In February 1979, Madonna Ciccone was a nude model for New York Photographer Martin Hugo Maximilien SCHREIBER. She granted to him all the rights on her photos and authorization to use them in association with her name for any purpose: art, advertising, trade….in a signed model release.

In 1985, when Madonna became a celebrity, Martin HM SCHREIBER made a contact with PLAYBOY and his Madonna photos were published in the September issue. In 1990, he published the album “MADONNA nudes 1979” with a German Editor TASCHEN and in 2001 the album “MADONNA nude 1979” with US Editor LONG WIND PUBLISHING.

The License:

In December 1994, Martin HM SCHREIBER appointed Mr. Francis CLEMENT,  a French Business Consultant based in Tokyo, as exclusive worldwide Master-Licensee, in charge of promoting “MADONNA nude(s) 1979”Copyrights for licensing, advertising and franchising activities.

Between 1994 and 2008, various licenses have been granted such as:

ladies/man underwear, innerwear, stockings, T-shirts, Ladies apparel. Costume jewelry. Handbags. Perfumes. Cosmetics. Sunglasses, Optical Frames, Condoms. Mobile Phone Services, Sandals, Beach Wear. Jeans etc...


In October 2008, Beauty Contact signed a license agreement with Francis Clement to design, develop, manufacture and market Madonna Nudes 1979 © Fragrances, the journey begins…….

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